The Beautiful Dead – “Nightmare’s Coming To Town”

German new-wave band THE BEAUTIFUL DEAD leave their typical dark melancholic gothic-wave-sound to pay tribut to their punkrock-roots with the new 2014’s EP ‘Nightmare’s Coming to Town’.

The new release, bearing eight songs, is partly a reminiscence to 1977 punk like The Damned or The Stranglers, but also has similarities to US hardcore of the 80s of Dead Kennedys, Bad Brains or Minor Threat.

In contrast to its predecessors ‘Moonlight And Hollywood’ (2011) and ‘To Lunar Canyons’ (2013), synths are rarely used and aggressive guitars and uptempo punk-drive dominate the new EP.

THE BEAUTIFUL DEAD deliver club-friendly hooklines with their punk-influences but at the same time, sound honest and incorporate new wave and progressive elements in their unique way.

Two new musicians, Patrick Fuchs (guitar) and live-drummer Michael Sprengard, complete the distinguished sound of THE BEAUTIFUL DEAD.





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