Christoph Theussl – “Endlich (Lieder für alle die noch leben)”

The latest work of the Austrian songwriter Christoph Theussl is his first concept album. The double-CD “Endlich” deals with death, but not necessarily mean that it is a sad temper, clearly the opposite.

This time, Theussl recorded at the Westbahnstudios Vienna and was awarded with the Award “Liederbestenliste 2014″: Ironic murder ballads, macabre chansons and the typical Theussl-esque version of Austrian songwriting for that he has been loved by more and more people.

Theussl became groovy, experimented with choirs and – for the first time – used proper drums. He created a new genre that has been named by critic Lea Streisand of TAZ as “funeral ballads to sing along”.

In his lyrics Theussl’s “Endlich” story have mainly a fatal ending, but philosophizes also about the end in itself. Except a very few exceptions it is very humorous if one appreciates cynical and black humorous contemporaries.

CD1 contains 12 songs about “Steabm” (Dying) and the death as well as the famous “Moritat vom Bienenstaat” (Murder Balad in the Beehive) as hidden bonus track. CD2 is exclusive for the Digipak Edition and not for download. It contains an 18-minutes “Moritat vom reisenden Kinde” (Murder Balad about the Travelling Child) and two additional hidden tracks.


Band Links:ßl/642377275822080


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