EBM Band NZ will release new EP “Aggressions”

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“AGGRESSIONS” is NZ’s second release, which continues the success of their debut EP “RAW AND PURE” regarding quality and production, with the band showing some new tendencies in music and style.

“AGGRESSIONS” is following its literal meaning, it equals a punch in your face. Provocation is imminent. Seething with anger, the tracks prove to be critical and private.

“No Time To Stay” – no chance to remain still with “AGGRESSIONS”: a constant need to move, uncompromising sound, aggressive vocals, and smashing drums ‡ la NZ keep pushing you forward and hitting you with a proper dose of body music.
NZ are all but demure. Irate and belligerent they come with “AGGRESSIONS” to attack the dance floor another time.



K-Bereit release 7″ vinyl “A Forest” on October 10th

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K-BEREIT from Reims, France, are no newcomers to the music world, especially not to the world of Industrial and Electronic Body Music. KRIEGBEREIT, first Dom’s band, is a fine example of what the late 80’s EBM scene was producing.  In 1996, Jean-Luc De Meyer from FRONT 242 and Dominique Lallement formed the new legendary COBALT 60. They went on to release numerous records and even soundtracks, call prophecy, for the popular video game Wing Commander.

After years of silence in 2002, Dominique was finally ready to join forces with Fred Sebastien. K-BEREIT was born. Since they do gigs wherever they are called. In 2009, the LP Unit Neural Distort is in stores. Concerts, rehearsals, interviews and radio broadcast, K-Bereit continue without lowering his fists. Dominique and Fred do not count leave you alone.

In 2012 the duo released the evolutionary album “Positiv Sounds / Negativ Beat” represeting a darker, danceable and definitively industrial direction. In March 2013, Fred left the band. Drey, the manager, became the singer. And after many gigs, videos and recording, the band decide to follow a new way – the glamustrial one.

2014 will bring K-Bereit to tour the whole Europe, and to release their brand new album …

Dominique Lallement is back with a danceable cover of “A Forest”, 25 years after the Kriegbereit’s hit. Dark and powerful, “A Forest” is a perfect song for dancefloors and parties : a new masterhit “A Forest” is no longer a cover… They crafted their own jewel : it’s an absolute masterpiece!”


Harmjoy – “Silver Lining of the Mushroom Cloud”

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With their debut album, “Silver Lining of the Mushroom Cloud,” the German-American electro-synth duo HARMJOY embraces the beats of bleeding edge technology and echoes the Cold War aesthetics of 1950s household fetish.

Blending the classic and the edgy, the familiar and the fantastical–using both lyrics and music–HARM JOY evokes the dichotomy of the word it’s based on: Schadenfreude. The duo draws on their symphonic music backgrounds and long histories of involvement in the dark music scene.

With music by Ølåf Å. Reimers (originally from Friesland and the composer behind the EBM band TYSKE LUDDER) and vocals/lyrics by Dan von Hoyel (from San Francisco and the voice of the Swedish synthpop artists TITANS), HARM JOY brings a thought-provoking flavour to industrial music. Dance, or listen?

Seethe, or reflect? The choice is the listener’s. Or is it?


Substaat – “Macht”

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The new SUBSTAAT album, “MACHT”, contains 10 songs + 1 remix from Mesh. This time SUBSTAAT has chosen Alex Møklebust from Zeromancer as their Producer, and “Macht” has got a rich and hard hitting sound with a lot of diversity and really catchy choruses.

The songs are made from the heart and soul of Terje Vangbo, Jarle Hansen and Petter Norstrøm, and reflects their musical background, from EBM to synthpop and gothic influences. This album also contains a cover song – “I Feed You My Love”, which was the Norwegian contribution to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2013. This song has really been “Substaatified” and is a must hear!! “Macht” is an album for both the club dance floors, for your hi-fi headset, and for your car stereo (at high speed driving)!


Elias Matt & (the) Rescue Mission – “Der Amboss klingt ganz wie im Traum”

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Elias Matt & (the) Rescue Mission schlagen den Amboss …

Nach dem dunkelbunt-satirischen “Band-ABC”auf “Doc Matt TV” und den Geschichten aus der Berliner Musikhistorie auf “Berlin Surreal TV” gibt es jetzt wieder Musik von Elias Matt & (the) Rescue Mission.

Elektronisch, analog, einwandfrei – die EP “Der Amboss klingt ganz wie im Traum” ist die musikalische Nachlese zum Album “CONDiTIO Humana”. Zuerst “Der Amboss” – tatsächlich ein Cover des einstmals von Visage in mäßigem Deutsch vorgetragenen Möchtegern-Hits. Das Trauma einer Zahn-OP fließt in das kraftwerkisch geratene “Teethbreaker” ein. Schließlich erklingt die deutschsprachige Mörderballade “So schön, ganz wie im Traum” und mit “Wie ein Flimmern” eine Hommage an Mahlers 1. Sinfonie.

Ab dem 14.07.14 in digitaler Form auf allen einschlägigen Download-Portalen. Eine limitierte silberne CD-Metallbox dieser 4-Track-EP gibt es exklusiv im Bandshop. Ein kostenloser Download von “Teethbreaker” steht ab sofort auf Soundcloud zur Verfügung.

01. Der Amboss
02. Teethbreaker
03. So schön, ganz wie im Traum
04. Wie ein Flimmern


HARMJOY release “Inside Out”

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HARMJOY ist, was du bist, was du fühlst und was du schaffst. Es gibt keinen Schmerz ohne Vergnügen, keine Disziplin ohne Knechtschaft! HARMJOY ist die Symbiose. HARMJOY ist die Balance und liefert Unbehagen in der Mitte der Freude.
Mit “Inside out” legt das deutsch-amerikanischen Electro-Synth-Duo um den in San Francisco beheimateten Dan van Hoyel und den aus Friesland stammenden Ølåf Å. Reimers ihre erste Maxi-Auskopplung des im Juni erscheinenden Debütalbums vor. Beide Protagonisten sind in der Szene hinlänglich bekannt, handelt es sich doch bei Ølåf um den Soundtüftler des EBM-Urgesteins TYSKE LUDDER und bei Dan um den Sänger des schwedischen Synthpop-Exportes TITANS.
HARMJOY ist feinster Synth-Electro, wie wir ihn lange vermisst haben. Die Zeit des Wartens ist vorbei: “Inside out”

Harm Joy_cover_inside out

01. inside out
02. whispers and rumors
03. Submarine
04. inside out (hearhere remix)
05. submarine (under water edit)
06. inside out (chrom remix)




MemoryFX – “Returning From Nowhere”

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MemoryFX – that’s intelligently arranged and ambitious melodic rock.

The guitar, which is masterly played by Thomas Ja?ger, dominates the sound of the band with its heavy riffing essentially. Furthermore the impelling grooves based on the drumming of Thomas Bunk and the tight bass guitar playing of Alexander Klimentov make the stylistic range of the songs extraordinary. Above all lie the strong vocals of Andreas Bunk, which carry the music both hard rocking and also sensitive.

If you search for similarities to famous artists you might maybe hear the heaviness of “Black Sabbath” or “U2”- respectively “Simple Minds”-like catchy choruses.

But even with this explanation in mind it is very hard to define the sound of the band as well as the songs themselves which tell stories about life.

Though founded in 2009 the group was not complete until 2011 to its present lineup.

Now after a lot of positive feedback for their first digital EP in 2012 they are coming up with their whole new, self- produced debut-album “Returning From Nowhere”. In this musical piece you can clearly hear the result of their development as musicians.

“Returning From Nowhere” does not really hit the point as they all played in several local known progressive-, metal- or bluesrockbands. All these genres came now together and were melt to an interesting new sound.

With their thrilling live-performance the four musicians have convinced many people on concerts or festivals yet.