K-Bereit release 7″ vinyl “A Forest” on October 10th

K-BEREIT from Reims, France, are no newcomers to the music world, especially not to the world of Industrial and Electronic Body Music. KRIEGBEREIT, first Dom’s band, is a fine example of what the late 80’s EBM scene was producing.  In 1996, Jean-Luc De Meyer from FRONT 242 and Dominique Lallement formed the new legendary COBALT 60. They went on to release numerous records and even soundtracks, call prophecy, for the popular video game Wing Commander.

After years of silence in 2002, Dominique was finally ready to join forces with Fred Sebastien. K-BEREIT was born. Since they do gigs wherever they are called. In 2009, the LP Unit Neural Distort is in stores. Concerts, rehearsals, interviews and radio broadcast, K-Bereit continue without lowering his fists. Dominique and Fred do not count leave you alone.

In 2012 the duo released the evolutionary album “Positiv Sounds / Negativ Beat” represeting a darker, danceable and definitively industrial direction. In March 2013, Fred left the band. Drey, the manager, became the singer. And after many gigs, videos and recording, the band decide to follow a new way – the glamustrial one.

2014 will bring K-Bereit to tour the whole Europe, and to release their brand new album …

Dominique Lallement is back with a danceable cover of “A Forest”, 25 years after the Kriegbereit’s hit. Dark and powerful, “A Forest” is a perfect song for dancefloors and parties : a new masterhit “A Forest” is no longer a cover… They crafted their own jewel : it’s an absolute masterpiece!”



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