MemoryFX – “Returning From Nowhere”

MemoryFX – that’s intelligently arranged and ambitious melodic rock.

The guitar, which is masterly played by Thomas Ja?ger, dominates the sound of the band with its heavy riffing essentially. Furthermore the impelling grooves based on the drumming of Thomas Bunk and the tight bass guitar playing of Alexander Klimentov make the stylistic range of the songs extraordinary. Above all lie the strong vocals of Andreas Bunk, which carry the music both hard rocking and also sensitive.

If you search for similarities to famous artists you might maybe hear the heaviness of “Black Sabbath” or “U2”- respectively “Simple Minds”-like catchy choruses.

But even with this explanation in mind it is very hard to define the sound of the band as well as the songs themselves which tell stories about life.

Though founded in 2009 the group was not complete until 2011 to its present lineup.

Now after a lot of positive feedback for their first digital EP in 2012 they are coming up with their whole new, self- produced debut-album “Returning From Nowhere”. In this musical piece you can clearly hear the result of their development as musicians.

“Returning From Nowhere” does not really hit the point as they all played in several local known progressive-, metal- or bluesrockbands. All these genres came now together and were melt to an interesting new sound.

With their thrilling live-performance the four musicians have convinced many people on concerts or festivals yet.



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