Cryo – “Retropia”

Swedish electronic music project Cryo recently introduced a brand new studio album ‘Retropia’. The album, which has every chance to become a real “bomb” in the genre of intelligent and dark synth music, is the result of several years of hard work.

The ambition has been to further refine and evolve the sound of cryo and to do this with a release of the third full-length album – ‘Retropia’. The name “Retropia” comes from the combination of the words “retro” an “utopia”. The finished result is for sure the most ambitious, conceptually sound and technically accomplished work in the discography of Cryo. Intelligent production, a wide range of genres, a distinct Scandinavian sound – this is the sound of “Retropia”! This album is destined to become one of the big milestones within synth music.

The album is released from Swedish label Progress Productions. For Russia and the CIS, the album is released in a special, extended version from label Razgrom Music, a digital version of the album is available on the website

Cryo really stands out from the majority of current generation of electronic music creators, creating something so different but still so very familiar to the soul. Massive synthetic landscapes, excellent production, intelligent lyrics and heavy bass, all combined into one. This exciting project from Sweden really proves that modern electronic music is not in decline, on the contrary, it is still evolving and offering more than ever before.


Cyro Online:

Shoplink Cryo “Retropia”:


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