Promo.Fabrik wants You to join the Propaganda Team

Promo.Fabrik builds up a Facebook Propaganda Team and is currently looking for people who are willing to spread the news about the most recent and upcoming music of the scene.

What we want:

We look for people active in social media like Facebook that are interested in listening to the latest releases before the release date, are open for new music and unexpected musical experience. You should be very communicating with your friends, be active in circles and groups and have fun posting and writing about the music you listen to.

We offer:

We will grant you access to the unique Promo.Fabrik MediaPool with full access to download the latest releases of the most important, innovative or newcoming artists and bands. You will be up-to-date with all current music within the Dark Music Scene. You will be part of our experienced Promo.Fabrik team that aims to promote and bring a colourful and vivid variety of music to the Goth, Electro, Metal, Folk and Industrial scene worldwide.

What do you have to do:

Send an email with a short explanation why you are the absolut right person for us to:

We will get back to you shortly with more details and want to get to know you first, of course.
Looking forward to hear from you!



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