Elias Matt returns with Videointerview at youtube

The media sees an intellectual kindship to artists like David Bowie, Blixa Bargeld and Phillip Boa. Like Boa, Elias Matt is both egomanic and introverted and doesn’t care about his public image. While other artists make a promotion tour when their album is released, Matt just went away – and even his bandmembers didn’t know where.

Since the release of CONDiTIO Humana, Matt was rarely seen. Interview requests weren’t answered, fixed appointments were bounced. Matt withdrew to his castle Goseck und read Prousts main opus “In Search of Lost Time”.

This is the reason why it took months for the only promo interview to be approved. It was recorded last October with Leo von Leibnitz. It’s a conversation about the human condition, a hole in the Berlin Wall and the connection between David Bowie and Tony Marshall. Questions were answered – but the mystery behind the artist and his music remains.

Interview-Link at youtube

The complete CONDiTIO Humana album on http://www.eliasmatt.de <http://www.eliasmatt.de/


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