FM Einheit, En Esch and Mona Mur release collaborative album “Terre Haute”


Neubauten’s FM Einheit teams up with Industrial Music Legend En Esch (formerly of KMFDM) and Berlin post punk diva Mona Mur in a GERMAN ANGST RIDDEN ART CORE EXPERIENCE.

FM EINHEIT, EN ESCH & MONA MUR have joined forces in 2011. Over two years in Bavaria, Berlin and North America, they created  the 7–Track–Album “TERRE HAUTE” including six original songs and the Bertolt-Brecht-cover “Salomon Song”.



gained international fame as a core member of EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN, world Berlin-based Industrial Avantgarde pioneers. Since he left the band in 1996 he became one of Germany’s most renowned Theatre Composers with over 120 pieces on his track record. He is also a much awarded Radio Play Producer and Media Artist.

classically trained percussionist, is best known for his distinctive vocals and intense stage performance with his former band KMFDM. EN ESCH composed, recorded and co-produced on 11 albums and numerous singles of KMFDM including hits like “More’n’Faster”, “Godlike” and “Juke Joint Jezebel”. The multi-instrumentalist, programmer and composer has also enjoyed success with the diverse ensemble PIGFACE as well as his own band SLICK IDIOT.

vocalist and producer, first graced the music scene in the 80s to release the seminal 12” “Jeszcze Polska” with FM Einheit, Mark Chung and Alexander Hacke (EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN). Later collaborators include THE STRANGLERS JJ Burnel and Dave Greenfield as well as YELLO’s Dieter Meier and polish rock star and poet GRZEGORZ CIECHOWSKI.
Mona is also successfully composing music for AAA video games such as “Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days”(EIDOS).

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