Siren’s Legacy – “The Kraken”

Siren’s Legacy stands for a clean and symphonic metal sound.

Epic orchestral arrangements are combined with powerful guitar riffs and driven by drums, that are performed with virtuosity. A clear female lead-vocalist voice completes the band’s overall sound, thus creating a consistently discrete ensemble.

If you are necessarily looking for a comparison, you could classify the music of Siren’s Legacy as a successor in the tradition of bands like Blind Guardian and Epica.

However, the band succeeds in developing it’s very own sound, and offers a refreshingly independent access to the genre of symphonic metal music – a sound that can inspire and enthuse the listener.

Siren’s Legacy has been founded back in 2008 in the South-Western region of Germany. Across the years the recent line-up of musicians has come together.

Front woman Jennifer Thome? and her characteristic voice is giving shape to the melody lines – expressive and punchy, sometimes clean and aria-like, sometimes growling – the very pure epic metal.

Guitar player Michael Firmont adds the right metal feeling by his catchy riffs and diversified solo lines. Stefan Zimmer is underlaying the songs with his powerful bass playing, creating a natural link between the drums and the guitar.

Precise drumming by Tobias Hartmann, driving and hitting in the right moments, points out the direction of the tunes and provide the music’s backing. The final polishing and symphonic rounding is achieved by the complex orchestrations composed by Michael Firmont.

‘The Kraken’ is the strong debut album by Siren’s Legacy and is released in september 2013 under the flag of the VinterSon label (Germany).

Playing live on stage, the band has already shown their live energy during various performances, from local clubs and smaller festivals up to bigger stages (for example at the Hexentanz Festival) as well as opening up for acts like Infinight and Wanderreigen.


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