MRDTC “#3 (We Travel)”

When sound wizard Christoph Lemke (Mr. Dupont) and the strong-voiced Tino Claus (Amnistia) decide to run a project together, there is only one possible result … first class Electronic Body Music!

MRDTC was founded in 2010. On their debut “#2 (We Transfer)” they presented a very broad mixture of old school EBM and old school electro.
February 2013, release of the successful MRDTC debut “#2 (We Transfer)”.
Dezember 2013, the EBM-electronics do it again. MASSIVE!

“#3 (WE TRAVEL)” offers 10 tracks which warm the heart of every fan of electronic music.
4 NEW TRACKS, 4 LIVE-TRACKS from the legendary show at the “Electrocution V” festival in Rostock 2013. Among others and to accommodate the high demand of the fans – “Sick In Your Mind” – a cover of the classic tune by The Klinik. Finally 2 REMIXES of popular tracks from the debut album.

But that’s not all. “#3 (WE TRAVEL)” will be released on Cd in a limited edition of 300 copies.


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