Autodafeh – new fulltime-album: Act Of Faith

– english version below –

Autodafeh – Neues Fulltime-Werk: Act Of Faith

Die neuen EBM-Meister AUTODAFEH kehren mit ihrem dritten Fulltime-Album “Act OF Faith” zurück. AUTODAFEH (aus Schweden stammend) sind dabei eindeutig von Bands wie Front 242 oder Nitzer Ebb beeinflußt, zeigen dennoch einmal mehr die weiter gereifte und einzigartige Identität der Band, während sie spielend den Spagat zu den Wurzeln des EBM schaffen – und treffend einstimmen: “We are not the past, we are the future!”

Das Album enthält zehn brandneue Songs plus zwei vollkommen neu überarbeitete Bonustracks.

Andreas Andersson masterte das Werk im weltberühmten Servant Studio. Andreas hat eine lange Referenzliste mit Masterings für Größen wie Portion Control, Covenant, VNV Nation und viele andere.

Seit der Veröffentlichung des DAC Charterfolgs “Identity Unknown” ist die Band auch vielbeschäftigt mit Liveauftritten auf Festivals und in Clubs, konnten sie doch gerade erst auf dem diesjährigen Blackfield Festival in Gelsenkirchen die Massen begeistern.

So muss EBM im Jahre 2011 klingen.

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Autodafeh – new fulltime-album: Act Of Faith

AUTODAFEH is from the South of Sweden and makes hard pumping EBM/Electronic Music with glorious sing- along lyrics.
AUTODAFEH is clearly influenced by bands like Front 242 and Nitzer Ebb, but their sound is unique and has got a special twist to it, and that makes

AUTODAFEH a very nice contribution to the world of EBM.

The New EBM Masters! AUTODAFEH returns with their third full length album, “Act of Faith”.
This twelve track album offers an even more mature and unique identity to the band, while still retaining the EBM roots but still screams out, “We are not the past, we are the future!”

Ten all original songs and two all new bonus versions of previously released songs that have been overhauled and upgraded for 2011!
The album was mastered by the expert ears of Andreas Andersson at Servant Studios. Andreas has long resume that includes mastering music for artists such as Portion Control, Covenant, Run Level Zero, VNV Nation and many more!

The band has found the last year (since the release of chart topping “Identity Unknown”) to be even busier than ever before! They are in high demand for live performances at festivals (and the smaller club performances alike), remixing for other artists, and providing engineering support for bands that have come to realize that AUTODAFEH is a force to be reckoned with!

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EBM / Electro

AUTODAFEH – Act Of Faith

16. September  2011

01. Heaven Screams
02. Killer
03. Land of Nothing
04. Reality Shock
05. Make Us Believe
06. Watch Out
07. Treasure Hunt
08. Wheel of Faith
09. Promises
10. Camp Intel
11. Fuel of Fire (2011)
12. Divided We Fall (2011)


SCANNER (Europe)




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