Last Gigs til September!

Wednesday 16th March 2011
Noarlunga Centre (Ramsay Place – between the council offices & Centro Colonnades),
12pm – 2pm – FREE

Brillig aren’t sure how they get away with advertising ‘Murder Ballads’ as a ‘family friendly event’…. But the kids do seem to dig it! Brillig’s daytime shows always manage to get the littlies groovin’ to the moody tunes. Good thing they don’t know the lyrics!

Come and see the conundrum at Noarlunga Centre as Brillig (duo) brave the daylight for a 2 set free show from 12noon to 2pm. That’s surely proof they’re not actually vampires….

Saturday 19th March 2011
SA Folk Centre
“Spellbinding Storytelling at the SA Folk Centre
with Brillig & Soursob Bob”

Can’t believe Brillig haven’t played the SA Folk Centre before? Neither can they! Let’s see, they’ve played folk sets at festivals in Germany, New Zealand, our own Fleurieu, and most recently Illawarra, but now the backwards band is finally on home turf!

Fellow well-travelled storyteller, Soursob Bob, is relinquishing his current role as rock god frontman of ‘Kelshy’ to play a rare solo acoustic set to open the night. You’ll also hear a song that Brillig co-wrote with Mr Bob, featuring the cheery theme of deer hunting: ‘Most Unlucky of the Lucky Deer.’ That’s gotta end well….

Get along to the SA Folk Centre on Saturday 19th March for Brillig’s debut at the venue, and send-off into the realm of songwriting hibernation. You won’t hear Brillig’s sea shanties, murder ballads, and imaginative alt. folk live again until September (unless say, Bob Dylan or Leonard Cohen ask the band to support them in the meantime…!). So don’t miss this special show. Read more >>

Doors Open 7:30 pm; 18+, Entry $10 / $8 conc

Tickets: Dramatix

Even though these are Brillig’s LAST SCHEDULED GIGS for about 5 months, there will be regular newsletters in the meantime. There is some special news to announce shortly, and the band will keep you posted with photos from behind the scenes, the scoop on new material, and other random musings. Watch for April’s newsletter, and keep up with the goss on Brillig’s Facebook and Twitter.

Haven’t seen Brillig’s video clip for “The Old Captain” yet?  Well, it’s still on YouTube… You can also request it again on Rage, if you so desire 🙂

While you’re watching, see how many folks you can name from its cast of SA favourites! Here’s a head start:

In the top still: Tristan Newsome (aka Self Preservation Society), Brillig’s Denni Meredith, Aliese Millington (aka LeighStarDust)

In the bottom still: David ‘Daisy’ Day, Trish Flowers, Bob Dunstan

If you want to cheat, the full cast list is in Brillig’s blog >>

That’s all ’til next time, from “the band of constant sorrow….”


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