Angie Damage – “Nicotine Tongue” (EP)

PromoFabrik hat für Euch diese vollkommen unbekannte, aber talentierte Band ausgegraben und hofft, daß Ihr die Musik genauso cool findet wie wir!

Der erste Release des russischen Intuition Labels 2007. Eine EP mit vier kühl-melodischen Pop-Hymnen, die den Hörer wieder in die goldenen Tage der New-Wave / Post-Punk-Zeiten versetzen. Die Musik hat Anleihen von Joy Division, der frühen New Order oder Clan of Xymox. Raue post-punk-Gitarre, unterkühlte Keyboardsounds und gefühlvoller weiblicher Gesang – das sind die Markenzeichen der amerikanischen ANGIE DAMAGE.
Die Party kann nicht losgehen , bevor Ihr nicht diese EP in den Player legt! Ein erstaunlich vielversprechendes Debüt – die ersten 500 Einheiten gibt es im eleganten Digipak!

Review from Side-Line:
“A revelation, that is the only correct description for this debut release on the young Russian Intuition Records. Tapping a lot from the early eighties, Angie Damage has succeeded in lifting it up to an own style thanks to a very slick electronic approach which give it a very authentic and contemporary feeling. “Poppa’s a healer” for instance is trademark song for her an can serve as a perfect entrance ticket to club goers worldwide. Yes, her singing clearly is influenced by Siouxie but less lamenting and younger. One wonders how Damage remained unknown for so long, this is material that would do wonders on mainstream radio even, it’s extremely attractive, lush yet full of bitch power.
And the Factory influences pop in as well, on “Nicotine Tongue” for instance you can clearly hear Joy Division influences on the guitar work. “Talking in circles” then again brings a neutralised Angie Damage at work, a mix of airy synth layers and a supporting bass guitar, very subtle. The final track, “I am the engine” goes more into a post punk direction and showcases the absolute versatile directions Angie Damage is capable of displaying *and* controlling.
More than recommended, obliged really.”

Die Trackliste

1. Poppa’s a healer
2. Nicotine tongue
3. Talking in circles
4. I am the engine

Im Januar 2009 folgt dann das Album von Angie Damage “Black Eye”.

Band @ Myspace


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