Invitation to all DJs worldwide!

Dear DJ and clubpromoter,


your program covers one or more of the following music genres:

Electro / EBM / Industrial / Gothic / Wave / Alternative / Metal?


Imagine you can fill your dance floors with brand new songs from famous and celebrated musicians already some weeks before the official release-dates. Imagine you so can play an important role in pushing these musicians and become an important figurehead of the club-scene!


And last but not least: This service is completely for free, simply, useful and always up-to-date!


Not possible? Stone the crows! You will be surprised what you can discover in the world of PromoFabrik. Come in and find out!


With this E-Mail we want to present you  the unique webconcept of the online-marketing-agency PromoFabrik at

In the future we will coordinate online-promotion for many well-known musicians of the genres mentioned above. Artists like xotox, straftanz, in strict confidence, yelworC, Heimataerde, Sara Noxx, DAF already have used our service to promote their releases …


Besides high-resolution full-MP3s we provide up-to-date information on the releases as well as picture galleries. The internal messaging system offers the possibility to get in touch with other DJs. Furthermore we offer help in organising specials and release-parties.


All traditional feedback forms and polls have been replaced by online-tools to minimize your additional workload. Via link you will be enable to directly submit your votes fort he GEWC (German Electronic Webcharts).


Additionally you can subscribe to our newsletter and rss-feed about future releases and new MP3-downloads. Via direct link you can access the websites of our partners Bluewave Promotion and DarkTraxx.


Join us now and your club will be always weeks ahead of time!

and gain access to all the free offers of PromoFabrik!


Visit now!


Kind regards




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